10 Aug 2005

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Air Cadets study a wide syllabus combining classroom based academic work with other more practical activities. The opportunity is there to pass through the syllabus and end up as an instructor yourself. At this stage, you will automatically qualify for a BTEC in Aviation Studies which is equivalent to one science based GCSE.

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Classification Badge Requirements
First Class Cadet This level is effectively a cadet's basic training and includes such things as Expedition Training, Drill, the Rifle, History of the ATC and RAF, Map Reading and Airmanship
Leading Cadet At this level, a cadet will study Map Reading in more detail, learn how aircraft fly and will start to learn about the roles of different aircraft and how to tell them apart.

+25 Hours of Practical Project Work

Senior Cadet A cadet studying Senior Cadet will pick 2 subjects from the following list. Airframes, Air Navigation, Pilot Navigation, Satellite Communications, Propulsion, Operational Flying and Advanced Radio and Radar

+25 Hours of Practical Project Work

Staff Cadet For Staff Cadet, a cadet will take two more of the subjects available for Senior Cadet. They will also need to pass an interview concerning ATC knowledge and demonstrate that they can present a lesson.

+25 Hours of practical Project Work


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