10 Aug 2005

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331 (Chesterfield) Squadron ATC was formed on 11 February 1941. Our motto is Strong & Proud and we try to live up to that in everything that we do.

We meet every Monday and Friday between 6.45pm and 9.15pm at our HQ in Wallis Barracks TA Centre on Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield. We have around 80 - 90 cadets aged between 13 to 20 from all over Chesterfield. There are 14 Adult Staff who are there to organise and run the activities that we provide.

The squadron is well sited for facilities, with 2 buildings in the grounds of Wallis Barracks plus plenty of space for activities like Drill and PT. On site, we have our own air rifle range and access to a smallbore indoor range. We have the Queen's Park Sports Centre and the Queen's Park itself just across the road.

We have been very active in raising funds for the squadron and so can call on 2 minibuses (we can call on a third but sadly its well past answering) plus a lot of camping and walking kit, radios and other instructional equipment.


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