30 Apr 2006

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Welcome to the Air Cadets - 'The Next Generation'. Chesterfield Air Cadets from are enjoying flying, gliding, target shooting, going on camps, taking part in all kinds of action, adventure and sports. Itís great fun too, with the opportunity to enjoy an enviable social life and make many new friends. How far are YOU from having a good time?

Please take time to explore the site and see what we have to offer.

If you are already a cadet, you should find quite a bit of useful information that will help you get the most out of the Air Training Corps

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Air Cadets, aged 13 to 20, and their supporting staff get the opportunity to participate in a large range of stimulating and rewarding activities. Where else could you learn to fly aerobatics, visit Royal Air Force Stations, tour foreign countries, play sports from local to International level, learn the skills to lead expeditions, become a target shooting marksman, gain your Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, canoe through white water, assist your community, join a band, learn aviation subjects, go caving, parachute, climb, sail, ski...? These and much more are readily available to you as a member of the Air Cadet Organization, whether you are a cadet or staff member.

As you explore the web site you will be able to discover much more about how you could be a part of the Air Cadet Organization - whether as a cadet taking advantage of the opportunities available, a staff member volunteering your time to contribute to the development of young people or as one of our many civilian supporters ensuring we have the ability to support our 'next generation'

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